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We help you increase your rental income. 

BnB Leasing offers professional Airbnb hosting & ​property management services that specialise in short-term rentals focused on maximising rental income for property owners. Our intimate knowledge of the industry and hosting on Airbnb includes property styling, price optimisation, occupancy rate and advertising on the Airbnb platform.

We take care of everything for you. 

Whether it is from managing your listing and changing prices to key exchange and cleaning - we handle it all. All you need to do is sit back and relax while watching your rentals profits grow. Best of all, your customers will leave with a smile on their faces.

We treat your property like it is our own. 

Because we pride ourselves on giving our guests a five star experience every single time, we make sure that your property is spotless and well presented at all times. After each stay the property is professionally cleaned, keeping it well looked after. We also take care of any minor maintenance issues. There is no point bothering you with these minor headaches and expenses.


There are many different options when managing a short-term rental property. This can include managing the property yourself or through a professional short-term rental management company, such as BnB Leasing.

Here are the reasons why you should choose BnB Leasing as your Airbnb property manager. 


BnB Leasing offers full-service hosting and property management for Airbnb properties that give you complete peace of mind that your property is being professionally and profitably managed from as little as 18% + GST of the total booking income.

NB. Our management fee is charged after the Airbnb service fee (3%) is deducted from the booking income. The cleaning fee is set to match the amount charged by BnB Leasing so the guest covers 100% of the costs.



1. The Listing & Determining The Right Price

To attract the right guests, you need the right listing that works with the Airbnb algorithm and formula. With our intimate knowledge of Airbnb property management, we understand what makes a listing successful and we work smart, to get your property noticed and ultimately booked with high occupancy rates. We also use smart data pricing to maximise your income, every day of the week. 

2. Property Set-up & Styling

We understand that setting up and styling a new fully furnished Airbnb property can be a daunting and expensive task. To give you peace of mind our Airbnb property management team are able to work with you to ensure your property is set-up and styled in a manner that will attract not only higher quality guests but achieve higher than average nightly rates.

3. Professional Photography

High-quality photography is one of the most important aspects of a successful Airbnb listing. Your marketing photos should be effective to inspire people to click on your listing and book. We take photography seriously and our experienced photographers will not only take striking photos, but photos once uploaded - will sell.

4. Guest Screening

It is critically important to us that you are comfortable with the guests who are staying in your home. This is why our Airbnb property management team carefully screen all booking requests and only accept bookings from guests who fit specific criteria. We also make sure they are ID checked and are the right fit for your property. This includes a strict no party, no pet and no smoking policy.

5. Bookings & Guest Communication

Communication is essential and is a key factor in how your listing is ranked within the Airbnb platform. Therefore, all booking requests are responded to within the hour along with a guest support team available 24/7 to answer any queries. We will speak to your guests before, during and after each stay.

6. Meet & Greet / Key Exchange

We prefer to enhance the check-in and check-out experience with a personalised and human touch which also includes the swift and secure delivery of the keys to your property. We then match your guests’ IDs against their booking records and pick up on fake IDs and fraudulent bookings. 

7. Professional Housekeeping 

We specialise in Airbnb cleaning services so you just don't have a 'clean' home but a 'flawless and picture perfect clean' home. Our professional five-star cleaning service will keep your property looking flawless and picture-perfect - all the time. We also fully stock your home with only the highest quality toiletries and amenities making each guest feel right at home.

8. Weekly Inspections & Maintenance

It is critically important that your property is correctly maintained on a regular basis. That is why our Airbnb property management team undertake weekly inspection and audits to ensure that your property passes our strict five-star property checklist and to ensure that the property is looking flawless and picture-perfect for your guests. In addition, we also take care of any minor maintenance issues such as a broken light bulb or loose cupboard door, etc. There is no point bothering you with these minor headaches and expenses. For any other maintenance issues, all you need to do is set a maintenance budget and leave the rest to us. We know who to call to resolve any issues that occur while a guest is at your home, and we keep you fully informed.

9. Internet Connection & Entertainment

Offering your guests a complementary WiFi connection and television streaming service, such as Netflix has become an essential necessity for successful short-term rental properties. We provide your guests with free WiFi & Netflix and is included in our management fee.

10. Guest 'Treats & Extras'

We know it is the little things that make a big difference and lead to great reviews. Therefore, we like to treat your guests with welcome baskets, bottles of wine or even gift cards. Guest 'Treats & Extras' are included in our management fee.

Professional full-service Airbnb property management & Airbnb hosting services throughout Australia. 


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